Today Kevin and Perry have completed the final stage of their amazing adventure that started 15 days ago.

They set off from France, en route, receiving a fantastic warm reception from the town of Montauban. They made it through Spain at the time when flash floods devastated the South of the country.

They crossed into Morocco and tackled the sand dunes, crossing the border to Mauritania where they encountered unbelievably high temperatures, got stranded overnight in the barren desert and experienced conditions in the sand and dunes that tested every ounce of navigational skills they possessed – not to mention testing their physical and mental stamina to their absolute limits.

Their journey continued through Senegal, where the landscape became greener but no easier on navigation and endurance.

Today the duo realised their dreams and tasted success by completing the last lap of “Le Lac rose” at Dakar in Senegal – The finish line of many a ‘Dakar’ rally.


Congratulations Kevin and Perry, your friends, families and countries are proud of you and wish you a speedy safe return to Malta.

Thank you to all the sponsors who supported Kevin and Perry in their endeavour, without whom none of this would have been possible.

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On their return, we will excitedly share stories, moments and the ups and downs of this notoriously difficult race with you; along with I’m sure, some hilarious moments captured on film by cameraman David Hoare who accompanied the pair on their intrepid journey.





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