Kevin and I had the pleasure of meeting this inspirational lady while she was staying at the Golden Sands Resort in Malta. Georgina who is bound to a wheel chair since she experienced a very bad accident when she was only 25 years old is still determined to live her life and push her personal limits.

Georgina Hurst on her reclining tricycle

Georgina Hurst on her reclining tricycle

Georgina is in fact currently preparing for a 250 mile bike tour on a reclining tricycle around Belgium with one-day stop in Holland starting on the 6th May 2015. This event is organised in aid of Army of Angels Forces Charity, (, an association that helps to support members of UK’s armed forces who have been injured, physically or mentally, while serving their country in conflicts. The organisation also provides assistance to families of injured solders, to help them deal with life-changing situations and advise them on how to adjust to these new circumstances.

Georgina’s purpose for this challenge is to show all injured solders that even though they might think differently, life does not finish with blindness or paralysis, and even after having suffered terrible injuries, one can still achieve great things in life.

Georgina is determined to enjoy life with all its difficulties that come with it. When you think that she survived a broken neck, shattered pelvis, collapsed lungs, torn liver and kidneys and a very badly injured leg, you have to admire what she is doing. Even as wheelchair bound lady, she accomplishes more than many healthy people!


HELP GEORGINA RAISE £6,000 for the Army of Angels Forces Charity 

If you wish to support Georgina and her great cause, please visit:

Also visit the Amy of Angels’ website to find out more about the charity Georgina is supporting:


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