Two new riders have joined the Kevin and Perry entourage and their first rally together is the Hellas kicking off in early May 2014.


Training Hard for Hellas as the boys join Kevin & Perry

In preparation for the Hellas Rally Alex Collyer training on a (KTM 250 exc  4 stroke) and Nigel Anastasi riding a (KTM 300 2 stroke) , the new addition to the Kevin & Perry Torque Racing Team head off to Wales for some extensive GPS and enduro training. With 3 days of intense riding around the hills of a remote rural town called Rhydar in Wales they battled through the cold conditions which saw them ride over endless boggy tracks, shale path ways and rocky steep descents.

“This was more than just riding but an experience of a life time that served us well in regard to bike handling techniques and high speed navigation for the Hellas Rally in early May, a true adventure”.


Donna Gray, ex British Ladies Enduro Champion and GPS expert  from the Tourque Racing Team headed the tour and guided Nigel and Alex through the hill side in the near freezing temperatures.

Wet and cold, exhausted and saw and with no feeling in extremities, they eventually got through the training and made it back to Malta in one piece.

For more information on the Hellas Rally, course and entries

Nigel & Alex

Nigel & Alex      Wales Country

Torque Racing      Snacks

Wales Trail      Wales Lake

Nigel & Alex      Road Book on KTM 300

The Chute      View over the Dam

Enduro Riders      Nigel & Alex

GPS over Wales Lake      Wales stream

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